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International expansion is a challenge. Growth is never by mere chance; 
it is the result of forces working together. Does your company need to have diverse international marketing experience to boost awareness and drive sales?

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Chief Marketing Officer

CMO is generally responsible for overseeing the planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy.

Some reasons you might need a CMO

  • Your internal marketing staff needs leadership and go-to-market expertise to drive growth locally and globally.
  • Your business is ready for the marketing at a next level to build awareness through integrated promotion plan through multiple channels.
  • You need to revamp your marketing strategy and introduce new marketing instruments to improve overall performance.
  • You need a strong leader with both creative and analytical capabilities to build, link and manage teams at scale.

Responsibilities of CMO

  • Market analyses, defining and implementing marketing strategy to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Drive the evolution of brand positioning, develop a scalable growth strategy across different channels.
  • Lead, manage, develop and inspire the existing and external teams in line with company’s values and objectives.
  • Drive efficient marketing campaigns, measure the performance against goals and adjust strategy & activities to achieve them.
  • Utilize data insights to deliver superior customer experience and measurable business results.
  • Own and efficiently scale marketing budget, allocating spending to hit KPIs and growth targets.

Cut costs and Build Amazing Teams on Demand

Outsourced marketing services. We are your marketing department with more than 15 years of international marketing experience and a portfolio of scalable best practice.

Account manager – liaises between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of the solutions.

  • Marketing manager – develops strategy, co-ordinates campaigns with sales activities, monitors performance in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

  • PR manager – creates and maintains a favorable public image of the company, develops a media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in media.

  • Digital marketing manager – is in charge of planning, implementing, managing and analyzing marketing campaigns that promote a company’s brand, products, and services, generate leads and drive sales.

  • Social media manager – manages the overall strategy and day-to-day execution of all social media channels, develops relevant content, manages communication with the company’s target customers.

  • Analyst – monitors consumer and competitor data, forecasts and analyze market trends to assess the potential sales of products and services.

  • Designer – creates visual concepts, layouts and production design for online and offline campaigns, establishes creative direction as well as brand guidelines.

When to Outsource your Marketing Team

  • Your in-house marketing is overworked and can not handle everything that’s involved in effective marketing.
  • Your business is growing, you need to to scale marketing efforts quickly and expand marketing channel expertise.
  • Reduced overhead expenses.  Outsourcing gives you the manpower and skills you need without the overhead expenses.
  • Access to the best technology, cases and resources quickly to get your jobs done.

Responsibilities of the Team

  • Performing SWOT-analyses and building marketing funnel
  • Developing content strategies for better search engine optimization
  • Monitoring and managing KPIs
  • Producing marketing and promotional materials
  • Developing PR strategies and campaigns

Why our clients choose our team

50+ successful collaborations

KPI & result-driven culture

Professional teams on demand

15+ years of professional experience in Russian, Chinese and European markets

  • 5+ years of collaboration with high-tech start-ups, KPI and product driven teams to support our clients on all stages of business growth.
  • 30+ integrated strategies in Russian, German, British and Chinese markets.
  • Attracted more than € 20+ million investments in the high-tech start-ups and skill-ups in the European market.
  • Successful in-house and project collaboration for Volkswagen (Russia), Hyundai (Russia), MTS (Russia), Yotaphone (Asia), Aeroflot (China) and other brands.
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© Market Entry Atelier. All rights are reserved