Market Research.

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Today’s customers forcing business to rethink their marketing funnels and reexamine their customer’s paths to purchase. Marketing research helps to understand your customer’s needs, launch better products and improve existing services.

Use Marketing Research to Take Your Company to The Next Level

Market overview

  • Market capacity and potential
  • Trends and consumer behavior in the segment
  • Competitors, their sales channels and activities
  • SWOT analyses and recommendations how to stand out

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Consumer insights

  • Rich user profile
  • Trends and consumer behavior in the segment
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Best channel to reach target audience

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Market research is the all-knowing intelligence behind many business decisions. Whenever you plan to expand your business or release a new product, market research will help you to choose the right directions.


An in-depth understanding of consumer motivations helped us to introduce product strategies, improve onboarding and navigation in the application for target segments, which increased monthly active users by 20 %.


Detailed China market overview and consumers insights helped us to adjust our social media strategy. Within 3 months the number of followers on our social networks doubled, and our sales grew by 40%.

Why our clients choose our team

50+ successful collaborations

KPI & result-driven culture

Professional teams on demand

15+ years of professional experience in Russian, Chinese and European markets

  • 5+ years of collaboration with high-tech start-ups, KPI and product driven teams to support our clients on all stages of business growth.
  • 30+ integrated strategies in Russian, German, British and Chinese markets.
  • Attracted more than € 20+ million investments in the high-tech start-ups and skill-ups in the European market.
  • Successful in-house and project collaboration for Volkswagen (Russia), Hyundai (Russia), MTS (Russia), Yotaphone (Asia), Aeroflot (China) and other brands.
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© Market Entry Atelier. All rights are reserved