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Social media marketing can grow your business and deliver ROI. We push boundaries connecting our clients with their customers on social media over 5 years. Our services include digital strategy, social media strategy and online marketing in English, German, Russian or Chinese languages and markets.

Our Services

Target audience and insights data

Creative content and Social Media Strategy

Social ads and internet targeting tech

Generating leads in the foreign market

Effective social media marketing abroad

1. Localize the brand to speak the same language with the target audience.
2. Choose the relevant channel to reach target audience.
3. Improve the search results in the local search engines.
4. Engage and grow followers to boost sales.

LinkedIn Profile

  • Page audit
  • Keywords planner
  • Content plan creation
  • Connections management
  • Community management
  • Monitoring and reporting

Social media abroad

  • Target audience and insights data
  • Keywords planner
  • Channel selection
  • Content plan development
  • Community management
  • Monitoring and reporting

Why our clients choose our team

50+ successful collaborations

KPI & result-driven culture

Professional teams on demand

15+ years of professional experience in Russian, Chinese and European markets

  • 5+ years of collaboration with high-tech start-ups, KPI and product driven teams to support our clients on all stages of business growth.
  • 30+ integrated strategies in Russian, German, British and Chinese markets.
  • Attracted more than € 20+ million investments in the high-tech start-ups and skill-ups in the European market.
  • Successful in-house and project collaboration for Volkswagen (Russia), Hyundai (Russia), MTS (Russia), Yotaphone (Asia), Aeroflot (China) and other brands.
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© Market Entry Atelier. All rights are reserved