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China is rapidly developing. The competition is high. Local and foreign brands work hard to gain the heart of the Chinese consumers. Labor costs in China continues. Highly skilled talents are paid more than the same level managers in Moscow.  Surprisingly, lots of our Clients expect an easy expansion to the Chinese market. Which is always not the case.

Together with Vedomosti Conference we’ve came up to the idea to invite best minds and share the experience of working in China. We showcased the latest marketing trends in creative, digital, e-Commerce and content marketing in China and invited Chinese, European and Russian speakers.

Chinese speakers

Pete Lyn, Managing Director and Co-founder of We Are Social, delivered the keynote address with sharp focus on customer experience and data driven approach in Digital Marketing. He highlighted that the four things that pillar any sustainable and profitable digital campaign are – creativity, social media engagement, livestream and emotional connectivity.

Jeff Pi, Partner from Studio Stare highlighted that live broadcast and short video are effective instruments to target Chinese consumer. He underlined that nowadays video is a powerful storytelling instrument that can vividly convey a message and entertain an audience at the same time.

Kathrin Guethoff, Chief Creative Officer from Serviceplan, gave knowledgeable insights regarding traditional vs. modern marketing and laid great emphasis on New Creative Marketing Approaches in China. She explained the importance of understanding a Chinese consumer and shared insights on market potentials in the industries especially travel, culture, sport, health, elder service and education.

Best practice from the experts

The panel discussion “Russian Brands in the Global Market”, led by Yulia Pohlmann, Co-founder of Market Entry Atelier and Denis Perepelitsyn, Head of Communications of SPB TV, showcased the best practice of Russian companies working in China. The participants shared their success stories, mistakes, life hacks in China and agreed that you need to find a balance between being foreign and local, understand Chinese market and business culture, build relations, learn fast and be flexible in the management style and be personally engaged to reach the audience.

The event attracted more than 200 participants from leading companies, who joined the conference to learn and discuss shared challenges, as well as meet potential partners.

All the presentation from the event are available at https://events.vedomosti.ru/events/marketing_17/materials

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