New trends in marketing 2021

New technologies are changing consumer preferences and forcing marketers and business owners to look for new opportunities for effective interaction with the audience. What will be the trends of digital marketing in 2021?


Analyzing consumer preferences to understand the need of shoppers and propose individual interaction scenarios. According to Epson survey, 80% of consumers are willing to interact with a brand that provides a personal touch. Advanced big data analytics together with artificial intelligence will help to personalize marketing according to customers’ need. Big data is helping Netflix to enhance user experience by ranking top and trending content not only based on how popular the content is but also based on personal information available about the user. The content is promoted on the basis of the user’s Netflix activity.

Online shopping

Online shopping will continue to grow. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the usual way of life. In 2020, adoption of digital commerce has accelerated by multiple years in only a few months: AI, AR, skin analysis tools and virtual fitting room are becoming the new normal. Companies are closing their offline point of sales to invest in technology that will help to increase online shopping. Car manufactures are offering more digitalized experience to showcase a car in one click. According to DataInsight forecast, by 2024 online sales in Russia will grow by 33% annually (28% in 2020).

The sharing economy promotes sustainable societies

Today’s consumers understands that the sharing economy has positive environmental impacts, through a reduction in the total resources required and it helps reduce pollutants, emissions and carbon footprints. Brands at the forefront of these changes are constantly looking for ways to improve their environmental efforts and recycling techniques.

Innovative German ride sharing startup MOIA (created by Volkswagen) offers share a journey in an electric minivan. All you need to do is to book a ride in the app and go to near-by pick-up point. With the ridepooling by MOIA people share a vehicle, whose start and destination are in a similar direction. Customers are picked up and transported together with others on a completely dynamic route. Ridepooling helps to reduce individual traffic, use the road structure in cities more efficiently and avoid emissions.

Nostalgia marketing

Brands are using nostalgia marketing to reach different generations. Though technology becomes more advanced, people still long for the emotional connection to landmarks from their past. Gucci, Discovery, Jeep campaigns remind us about good old days and help us to build stronger connections with those brands. Nostalgia is so powerful that it’s actually proven to make consumers more willing to spend money, which makes it a perfect marketing strategy.

Live streaming and online events

Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. The video streaming market is estimated to grow from USD 30.29 Billion in 2016 to USD 70.05 Billion by 2021. With trade slowing, cities experiencing lockdown, and everybody on high alert, life streaming keeps your events live and helps to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Virtual events help to get access to an entirely new audience as they are more accessible than in-person events. That means lower cost for more people, more sales and a higher ROI.

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© Market Entry Atelier. All rights are reserved