Marketing Jobs in-demand in 2020 in Russia

One of the fastest growing employment sectors in Russia is digital marketing. Almost every business nowadays has an online presence. Helping them make the most of this and attract more customers is a big part of the job of a digital marketer. A marketer of 2020 should be a universal, agile, have a wide-ranging knowledge of marketing and the ability to support teams in reaching their goals, be open and learn fast. Which marketing jobs were most in-demand in 2020?


A targetologist is a specialist in setting up, adjusting and controlling targeted advertising in social media and search engines to reach and attract new customers. It is aimed at a specific target audience, segmented by age, gender, interests, previous purchases, customer journey, place of residence and other data, and not all users in a row. The job combines analytical and creative skills and gives the wide opportunities for personal growth in terms of projects, tasks, budgets and advertising channels.

«You need to choose the most relevant advertising platform and segment your target audience correctly to stand out of competitors. – says Yulia Pohlmann, co-founder of practical marketing agency Marker Entry Atelier. – We constantly test and analyze different campaigns to make sure that the click will bring the potential buyer to a landing page and will prompt them to make a purchase. Deep analyses help us to optimize campaigns and influence the conversion rate based on creative and target audience needs. »

Content Manager

Customers are tired of advertising. They would like to choose a brand which they emphasize. Content Managers are tasked with building brand identity and use branded information that would support a customer through marketing funnel. What will customer learn about the brand? Where could he buy it? What will motivate a customer to make a purchase?

Usually in a small and medium business content marketing manager develops cross-platform content strategies. This role requires versatile writing, client-facing skills and SEO know-how. Content Manager plans, writes and edits content; ensures it is clear, compelling and properly distributed across social media platforms.

«Great content can include blog posts, video, social media engagement, pay per click advertising and infographics, to name just a few, says Kate Kozyreva, co-founder and CEO of social media agency Soyka. – Day-to-day responsibilities of a content manager often include creating and managing social media campaigns, monitoring engagement and analyzing data. Content is still king in the world of marketing. But it is not only about content creation, however. You should also be able to brief production houses, choose right social media platforms for your content, research keywords, understand algorithms of traditional media, be able to map user lifecycle journeys across both organic and paid social channels. A content manager may work alone or in teams with editors, writers, UX designers, content management system developers, and marketers to deliver stories that are aligned with business goals.»

Influencer marketing manager

Influence marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers. With influencer marketing, you have an ability to reach your target audience through influencers who already have taken the time to develop and cultivate the important relationships necessary to make your marketing efforts successful. According to IZEA report, 35% of Instagram users make purchase inspired by bloggers. The report of InfluencerMarketingHub 2020 states, more than 90% survey respondents believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. Influencer marketing managers are responsible for managing the end-to-end operations of a brand’s influencer marketing campaigns.

«To set up a successful influencer marketing campaign, you need to do three things: identify your target audience, set your budget and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Influencer marketing manager is responsible for identifying the right blogger, setting the tasks, managing relations and monitoring KPIs. He analyzes statistics and effectiveness of the campaign to deliver ROI. Influencer marketing manager should have knowledge of all the top social media platforms, as well as any advertising options these social media platforms have, speak foreign languages to develop relationships and network with influencers from other countries and be multi-tasking and result-driven to be able to properly communicate with all parties involved. » — says Anna Puzakova, Head of Brands of influence marketing agency HypeFactory.

Visual Designer

Visual Designer is responsible for visual social media marketing by managing company image, brand identity and market position across digital networks. He should have understanding of space, texture, color, line, size, form, and shape, know the rules of composition, be able to shoot good photos on camera or smartphone, work with editing software and create mood boards and image books.

«Nowadays it is all about visualization. 90% of information our brain processes is visual: visual social media marketing is absolutely vital to succeed both today and in the future. With the right visuals, you can communicate both much more quickly and effectively. The massive popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok reflects with this statistic. Identifying the kind of visuals that your audience likes and producing such content on a regular basis helps to grow the engagements and provide exceptional customer experience. » — explains Ivan Andreev, Creative Director of Market Entry Atelier.

Data Analyst

The role of a digital marketer has significantly evolved as brands become more data-driven throughout decision-making processes. ROMI, CPC, CPA, CPM, CTR – helps to measure traffic of promotional campaigns. Brands no longer rely on just their intuition when creating and executing digital strategies. Data-driven marketing ultimately helps companies optimize their channel performance, enhance the customer experience, which leads to greater revenue and profits. Data analyst should have strong analytical mindset, know the instruments of Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika, perform A/B tests and work with call-tracking systems and have a basic understanding of querying languages like SQL.

«Data is increasingly important not only for webpage performance, but overall business processes. – says Yulia Pohlmann, co-founder of Market Entry Atelier. – Performing marketing audit, we often face the situation when our Clients companies underestimate this resource in marketing. But you cannot measure the success of a campaign if you do not look into data. Big data can help refine, enhance and improve any marketing funnel. Analyzing data can help identify what works, what doesn’t and how to optimize marketing efforts to include the most effective tactics. For this reason, the process allows for faster decision-making and better insights into what the customer wants from the brand.»

As brands prioritize digital channels to connect with target customers and drive bottom-line growth for their business, the demand for high-quality digital marketing talent has continually become more prominent. As the demand for specialists grows, so does the supply, and with it the competition for jobs. In order to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive job market, you must stay on the cutting-edge of developments.

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© Market Entry Atelier. All rights are reserved